You’re never too old to be a Jackass. STACK chats with Chris Pontius about reuniting the gang for Jackass Forever, and adding some bold new members.

It’s been 22 years since Jackass debuted on MTV and took the world by storm. Since then, viewers have been treated to – or perhaps assaulted by – a smorgasbord of idiocy and tomfoolery.

Now middle-aged, most of the original cast members have returned for a fourth movie, Jackass Forever.

During a recent Australian visit, Jackass star Chris Pontius – Party Boy himself – sat down to chat with STACK about the new movie and what it means to be a grown man doing childish stuff.

“No one really hesitated,” he says of the initial invitation to return for a fourth film. “We have this group thread email that’s been going for years, and it came as a total surprise when someone said, ‘Wanna do another movie?’ Everyone was like, ‘F– yeah!’”

The Jackass guys not anticipating another instalment might sound like polite rhetoric for the sake of conversation, but Pontius is sincere when he says he didn’t see it coming.

“I mean we’ve been asked constantly over the past 10 years, ‘When are you guys going to make another one?’ and we’re like, ‘I don’t know.’ So it was just awesome when the stars aligned, especially with [Johnny] Knoxville wanting to do it, because every time we’ve made a movie he’s always said it was the last one.

“But then everyone get’s bored and it’s so fun being together. Making these movies is pretty much the most fun thing that I’ve ever done in my life.”

In theory, the guys should be slower off the mark and less agile with age, and yet as Jackass Forever reveals, they’re still every bit as physical and tenacious.

“Some said that stuff hits a little bit harder, hurts a little bit more and takes a little longer to heal, but I think everybody coped really well,” says Pontius. “I mean, Knoxville got a pretty bad head injury on this, and there’s a bit where we all get knocked off a horse treadmill. I think I definitely got a concussion on that one,” he laughs. “That was bad. It was worse than it looks.”

With some of the original players deciding to skip this one, the opportunity arose to introduce new talent like Rachel Wolfson, Zach Holmes and Sean “Poopies” McInerney – each of whom bring young blood to the mix as well as their own levels of outrageousness. Whether it’s big guy Zach belly flopping into a cactus bush, surfer dude Poopies kissing a rattlesnake, or Rachel taking multiple scorpion stings to the lips, the boundaries these newcomers push is truly eye watering.

While the new gang is most welcome, Pontius does admit that the original crew is still very precious about their work.

“We’re all very competitive and when the idea of bringing on new people first came about we were like, ‘No, we don’t want anybody else.’ But then we were open to the idea and we got together for test filming and they just fit in great.

“Poopies just seemed like he was meant to be with us all along. He’s so dimwitted,” he offers wryly, “in the best way. He’s so funny and loveable, and he’s up for anything. I think he has the smallest penis of the group, too.”

Speaking of nether regions, we simply had to ask about the epic opening sequence, which has Chris’s ‘most valuable asset’ painted green and wreaking Godzilla-like havoc on city streets. With an actual sculpted replica of the “Pontiusaurus” (his word, not ours) in his hand, he admits to it being pretty much the pride of his career.

“It was so fun making that opener that this could be its own series. Hopefully Pontiusaurus becomes a real movie. It’d be expensive and dangerous, but I hope so.”

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