A trio of LEGO Ninjago Movie voice actors give us their take on their LEGO characters.


“Lloyd’s a pretty complex character. he’s the son of Lord Garmadon, the most evil man on the planet, and everyone in town knows it and treats him pretty horribly because of it. By day he’s a pretty tortured high school kid, but by night he has a secret identity as the Green Ninja, and he protects his home from Garmadon.”


“Koko is the ex-wife of Garmadon, the mother of Lloyd, the mayor of the city, and she also has a secret identity. It was hard for me to play because she is so upbeat and my only reference was my Asian mother who’s very mean [laughs], so being upbeat and positive was a struggle.”


“I play Zane, who’s a robot with aspirations to be a normal teenager, but has none of the appropriate references. He thinks teens like Buddy Holly and stuff like that. He’s emotionless but wants to experience the warmth of human feeling and feel connected – it’s an autobiographical role for me.”