Roger Donaldson might be best known for films like No Way Out, Cocktail and Species, but this Australian-born filmmaker also has a fascination for Kiwi’s with a need for speed.

His acclaimed 2005 film The World’s Fastest Indian was a biopic on Burt Munro – the New Zealander who set the land speed world record in 1967 – and now his new documentary, McLaren, celebrates the life and achievements of motorsport legend Bruce McLaren.

“I don’t think that many people really know that the McLaren car company is named after this character Bruce McLaren from New Zealand,” Donaldson tells STACK, “and that it was started by a bunch of young guys not much more than twenty who emigrated from New Zealand to Europe and set the motor racing world on fire there.

“I think it’s a part of motor racing history that is interesting, because it was really dangerous being a driver in those days compared with today. There was much more risk involved.”

McLaren is in cinemas for a limited season nationally from June 21-25

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