Incredibles 2 hits home entertainment in time for the holidays with an extra special bonus featuring style queen Edna “E” Mode.

It’s no stretch to say that audiences missed their favourite family of Supers over the 14 years it took to bring The Incredibles sequel to the big screen earlier this year.

Acclaimed by critics and rocketing to the top of the chart of highest-grossing animated films (surpassing US$1 billion at the global box office), fans can now reunite with this incredible family of Supers just in time for the holidays.

Featuring never-before-revealed details about the making of the film and featurettes highlighting Pixar’s talented artists, the crowning glory of the home entertainment release is an all-new mini-movie, Auntie Edna.

Fans will recall the scene where our exhausted super-dad, Mr Incredible/Bob Parr elicits help from super-suit designer Edna Mode to babysit the couple’s high energy toddler Jack-Jack, Edna pulling an all-nighter designing a suit to harness the baby’s seemingly limitless powers.

If the impatient Ms Mode seems like the last person to pacify such a handful, then audiences perhaps wondered what went down on that fateful night. Wonder no more, as all is revealed in this exclusive extra.

Both Incredibles films were written and directed by Pixar’s Brad Bird, also providing the voice of the eccentric fashion doyenne.

“I have a mixed relationship with Edna,” says Bird when STACK visits Pixar’s HQ outside San Francisco. “I care about all my characters but Edna more than any of them. For some reason people latch on to her and then they want to use her in all these different ways. That may sound fun, but what it means to me is an unpaid rewrite job because I get these scripts that are bad. And I’m not talking about the film, I’m talking about all the other stuff, ads and promotional things where people write dialogue for her and just stick the word ‘darling’ on the end of every sentence and think their job is done.

“And I’m like, ‘She wouldn‘t do this!’ So then I have to rewrite it because I’m not going to allow Edna to go out into the world wrong, yet there are so many people who seem excited to ruin the character. It sounds like I’m complaining, and I love that people respond to her and like her, but I’m also Edna’s guardian and I don’t want there to be too much exposure and I never want her to be out of character, so I have to be vigilant.”

Incredibles co-producer John Walker serves as Bird’s gatekeeper. “I tell them they’re asking for trouble. Do not have Edna selling cars!” he laughs.

Ask Bird how his dude friends react to his sideline as a female impersonator, and he says, “The weirdest thing is that people are way more impressed that I can do that voice than they are that I can write and direct these movies. One is really hard to do and the other is kinda easy. Spending years wrenching these movies into existence doesn’t seem to be nearly as impressive as going ‘Darling…’ “

If Pixar showcased Australia in Finding Nemo, then Bird longs to explore further.

“Australia is amazing and has beautiful beaches and the amazing Opera House. I get along very well with Aussies. I feel like they’re cousins to an American attitude; maybe a little tougher,” says Bird, whose own son Nick voiced little turtle Squirt in Nemo and the ‘monster’ version of Jack-Jack in Incredibles.

“He’s delighted by it and also to receive residual cheques for things he doesn’t even remember doing,” he laughs.

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