A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a space opera of epic proportions was born. Well, actually it wasn’t that far away, it was California in the USA, where a man named George Lucas took inspiration from the legendary Akira Kurosawa movie The Hidden Fortress, chucked in some other influences such as Flash Gordon and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and created his own legend.

The Skywalker Saga has played out via nine movies since 1977, becoming a part of the fabric of many of our lives. It’s spawned spoofs, added words to our every day language and has a legion of dedicated fans worldwide. Now it’s available looking – and sounding – better than it ever has with all nine Skywalker Saga tales and the two offshoot Star Wars stories, Rogue One and Solo, available on 4K Ultra HD.

All 11 films feature HDR enhancement in their 4K incarnations, bringing extra life to proceedings via its increased range of lightness through darkness – just wait until you clap eyes on that first lightsaber duel! Master resolution varies between the movies, with Episodes I, II and III originally shot digitally at 1080p through to more recent titles such as Episodes VIII and IX coming to us in stunning native 4K. The power of upscaling where appropriate ensures that all of them look magnificent on your 4K setups.

“…just wait until you clap eyes on that first lightsaber duel!”

Sound is such a part of the Star Wars experience that it would be a crime to overlook it, and the people at Lucasfilm know it. As such, all 11 movies feature state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos audio, with earlier ones lovingly and painstakingly remixed to take advantage of all that the format offers. Sitting amidst the carnage as the Millennium Falcon defends itself from Vader and his TIE Fighters in A New Hope is like a new experience – and just one of too many scenes to rave about!

If you’re equipped with 4K and have a love of Star Wars then it’s a no-brainer to get in quick and experience your old and new favourites as you’ve never seen them before. Especially now with three newly-released compilations, pictured above, each featuring three movies – The Prequels (episodes one to three), The Originals (episodes four to six) and The Sequels (episodes seven to nine).

The Force, it’s calling to you… Just let it in!

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