It was a fab month for 4K Ultra HD releases, running the gamut from stuff for the kids to stuff that’s definitely NOT for the kids. Come with us and you’ll be in a world of pure 4K August 2021 round-up!

4K Ultra HD of the month


4K August 2021 - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Release date: August 4

2021 marks 50 years since the first musical fantasy movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory hit cinema screens and wonderfully weirded out audiences the world over.

Gene Wilder was perfectly cast as the slightly alluring, yet also kind of disturbing, Wonka, owner of a mysterious candy factory staffed by curious little orange fellows known as Oompa-Loompas. Five prize-winning kids received the full Wonka experience – some for the better, some not so much…

As a part of anniversary celebrations, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory arrived on 4K Ultra HD in a scrumdidilyumptious limited edition collectors box set that’s full of fabulous goodies.

What sort of goodies? These sort of goodies! First up, there’s a full colour 32-page book, then a collection of trippy art cards. Next, a two-sided theatrical poster and, most excitingly (well, if it gave us what the movie one did it would be) a Wonka’s golden ticket.

As for technical details, Willy pops from our screens via a super-colourful, HDR-enhanced, native 4K transfer, accompanied by a DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio mix. The 4K disc also includes a commentary from grownup Wonka Kids Peter Ostrum (Charlie Bucket), Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca Salt), Paris Themmen (Mike Teevee), Michael Bollner (Augustus Gloop) and Denise Nickerson (Violet Beauregarde). Read our full review here.

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What other new releases hit 4K Ultra HD in August?

4K August 2021 - Peter Rabbit 2

4K August 2021 - Peter Rabbit 2Peter Rabbit 2
Release date: August 4

That wascally wabbit Peter returned with his pals for another outbreak of shenanigans, with Peter heading off to the city, but soon facing with a choice of life on the run, or saving his family. All the fun comes to us via an HDR-enhanced transfer that’s accompanied by a rollicking Dolby Atmos soundtrack. A handy standard Blu-ray that’s included delivers a bunch of features, such as a look at the making of the movie and some handy craft guides.

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4K August 2021 - A Quiet Place: Part II

4K August 2021 - A Quiet Place: Part IIA Quiet Place: Part II
Release date: August 11

Be very quiet, we’re hunting wascally – hang on, that’s the one above! This follow-up to the John Krasinksi hit finds the Abbott family now facing the terrors of the outside world – and in native 4K, too! Audio comes via a stunning Dolby Atmos mix, while five featurettes are packed onto the bonus standard Blu-ray disc that’s included. There’s a cool steelbook version, too, which you can score (if you’re quick) at JB here.

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4K August 2021 - Cruella

4K August 2021 - CruellaCruella
Release date: August 18

The super-entertaining, double-barrel Emma origin story of the 101 Dalmatians villain arrived on 4K Ultra HD with a native 4K transfer (HDR enhanced, of course darlings) and an often wild Dolby Atmos audio mix. A bonus standard Blu-ray gave us oodles of extras, including featurettes, bloopers and deleted scenes.

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4K August 2021 - Luca

4K August 2021 - LucaLuca
Release date: August 18

The latest original tale from Pixar takes us to sun-drenched Italy, with a rather fishy – quite literally – story about sea monsters and friendship. The HDR-bolstered 4K vision is astonishingly good, while the boisterous Dolby Atmos audio never disappoints. A bonus standard Blu-ray gives us a cool collection of extras, including a selection of deleted scenes and three fun featurettes.

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4K August 2021 - Basic Instinct

4K August 2021 - Basic InstinctBasic Instinct
Release date: August 25

Paul Verhoeven’s 1992 erotic thriller has been lovingly remastered from the original 35mm negative, with the process overseen by the director himself, and arrived on disc with a Dolby Vision-enhanced native 4K transfer. DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 is the order of the day sonically, while the 4K disc itself delivers a bevy of extras, including two commentary tracks, a ~54-minute doco, a score featurette, ~25-minute making-of, cast interviews, a storyboard comparison, screen tests and a new trailer. These all also feature across the two included standard Blu-ray discs of this three-disc set. Our review of the package is right here.

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4K August 2021 - Ran

4K August 2021 - RanRan
Release date: August 25

A Shakespeare-influenced tale from legendary director Akira Kurosawa, this action epic takes King Lear and sets it in sixteenth century feudal Japan, complete with Dolby Vision-enhanced native 4K vision and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 tracks in both the original Japanese and dubbed English. The 4K disc boasts one quick featurette, while the included bonus standard Blu-ray hosts a treasure trove of documentaries, featurettes, interviews and more. Read our full review here.

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We’re going to need bigger shelves at this rate, with some of these titles definite grabs. Remember, stay tuned to STACK for all the latest 4K news!

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