With celebrations for this year’s 40th anniversary of the release of Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking sci-fi flick Alien in full swing, six new short films inspired by the tale have been released.

Six “visionary” filmmakers were given the opportunity to create their own stories inspired by the original story about life aboard the Nostromo, and here they all are!

Alien: Alone – Written and directed by Noah Miller (Sweetwater)

Alien: Containment – Written and directed by Chris Reading (Somnus)

Alien: Harvest –Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell (TV’s Project SERA)

Alien: Night Shift – Written and directed by Aidan Brezonick (TV’s Revved Up)

Alien: Ore – Written and directed by the Spear Sisters (various short films)

Alien: Specimen – Directed by Kelsey Taylor (various short films)

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