The Godfather Trilogy returns to Blu-ray in a deluxe new Omertá Edition, packed with never-before-released exclusive collectibles you’ll want to keep close.

Omertá refers to the mafia’s code of silence, but we’re going to risk a horse’s head in the bed to extol the virtues of this beautiful boxed set.

The Corleone family saga – comprising Francis Ford Coppola’s Oscar-winning The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather: Part II (1974), as well as the divisive finale The Godfather: Part III (1990)– is an essential part of any film buff’s library. And while many undoubtedly already own the trilogy on one video format or another, they won’t mind the double dip for what is ultimately a set designed for collectors and fans.

The Omertá Edition features the ‘Coppola Restoration’ versions of all three films, which were meticulously restored from the original negatives and remastered for HD in 2008. The restoration process is detailed in ‘Emulsional Rescue’ – one of a number of featurettes ported across from the previous Blu-ray release.

Other highlights on the bonus disc in this set include the 75-minute documentary ‘The Godfather Family’, offering an in-depth look at the trilogy and incorporating lots of behind-the-scenes footage; ‘The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn’t’, which details the struggle to convince Paramount to back what it considered to be an uncommercial project (unthinkable now); and ‘Godfather World’, featuring testimonials from famous fans including William Friedkin, Guillermo del Toro and, er, Trey Parker.

But what you really want to know about is the collectibles. The box itself is designed to resemble an ageing book and contains the four Blu-ray discs housed in a black gatefold sleeve. Underneath you’ll find ten cards featuring classic quotes from the film; five still photo cards detailing the anatomy of a scene, with accompanying shooting script excerpt on the reverse; and ten cards featuring famous quotes from the film.

A fun addition (if the Godfather can be considered fun?!) is a set of ten magnetic quotes that can be broken up and stuck to the fridge, allowing you to paraphrase your favourite lines, or simply warn family members named Fredo that “I know it was you” who ate the last piece of chocolate. “Keep the fishes close, but your cannoli closer.”

You can also test your friends’ Godfather knowledge with a set of ten trivia cards and find out who knows the song Johnny Fontane sang at Connie’s wedding.

The Godfather Trilogy Omertá Edition is a classy set befitting a masterpiece of cinema, and is available now while stocks last.

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