A handful of times per year, LEGO take a bunch of public created sets that garner 10,000 votes and consider them for release as genuine sets.

We’ve already had official releases based on The Big Bang Theory and Friends, and now Seinfeld will be joining the fray.

As you can likely see above, it’s a recreation of Jerry’s apartment, complete with minifigures of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer – plus… Newman!

There’s no date yet, and the set may look different by the time LEGO let their designers at it, but it’s still shaping up to be a good piece of decor to plop on the coffee table book that’s also a coffee table. Next to the Seinfeld DVD box set, of course!

In other LEGO news, another set to make the cut is the Home Alone house, which looks like this at the moment:

LEGO Home Alone

Home Alone at JB Hi-Fi.