Come on, that has to have your interest piqued? Rose Byrne plays a Siri-alike in upcoming comedy Jexi.

Basically, Adam Devine is a tech dork with an abnormal – even by 2019 standards – affection for his phone. But when the phone’s AI named Jexi (voiced by Byrne, which you’ve probably worked out by now, and obviously a sort-of mashup of Alexa and Siri, which you’ve also probably worked out) starts returning that affection, and subsequently shows her jealous side – cue laughter, hilarity, silly gags, genitalia jibes, etc.

Jexi comes from the writers of The Hangover and the writing/directing team behind Bad Moms.

Basically, it looks like a dumbed-down, joked-up take on Her, and Jexi does have a bunch of great bit part players in its contacts. These include Michael Peña, Alexandra Shipp, Ron Funches, Charlyne Yi, the brilliantly funny Wanda Sykes, Justin Hartley and Kid Cudi.

Jexi is hitting in US cinemas this October, but there’s no sign of an Australian release date as yet. Here’s the trailer: Hey Google, LANGUAGE WARNING!