The reboots just keep on coming, with the John Hughes-penned 1983 comedy flick Mr Mom the latest to be reborn as a TV show.

<sarcasm>In 1983 it was a horrifying premise. A man, looking after baby and doing all the home duties while his wife worked! Sacrilege!</sarcasm>

Of course it was kind of fun seeing Michael Keaton getting to realise just how many plates his wife (Teri Garr) had previously been spinning some 35 or so years ago, but how will such a premise play out in these generally more enlightened times?

For it’s the same idea – obviously we guess, due to the title. Apparently this new series will continue on from the movie, with little baby Megan all grown up and returning to the working life, while her hubby keeps the home fires burning.

We have no dates or casting info as yet. Oh well.

Here’s the trailer for the original movie…