This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece of sci-fi, Alien. To celebrate, it’s coming to 4K Ultra HD.

Scott supervised a new restoration of his film last year, which will come to us in glorious native 4K. Not only will that make it the most detailed that we’ve ever seen the film, the addition of HDR enhancement will bring degrees of light and shade as never before experienced at home.

Both the original 1979 theatrical cut and the 2003 director’s cut will feature.

We’d love to report that a brand new Dolby Atmos audio mix has been created, but sadly it hasn’t. Instead, the existing DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix has been used, with the 1979 cut also featuring DTS-HD Master Audio 4.1.

Existing audio commentaries will also feature, with the 1979 version having him flying solo, and the 2003 edit seeing (well, hearing) him joined by cast and crew. Two isolated score tracks will also be included.

Alien is set for release on 4K Ultra HD in Australia on April 24.

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Here’s the US packaging: