If you haven’t already seen the slightly-disturbing Pokémon Detective Pikachu trailer, you’re in for a treat. 

Ryan Reynolds voices a live action electric mouse Pokémon in a detective movie of a different kind. Pokémon have been brought to life in live action for the first time, and having seen the trailer a few times now I’m still not sure what to expect.

Nonetheless, it exists, so why not take a closer look? Here are some of the Pokémon that we spotted in the trailer, spanning more than just one generation and some appearing multiple times. Who did we miss?

Being the titular character, you would expect Pikachu to show up at one point or another. But fluffy?! We’ve just never seen him that way.

Dodrios wandering the streets seems to be a common occurrence, as there are a few of them around.



A giant Gengar and Jigglypuff are seen briefly in a street – are they real Pokémon or something else?


Pikachu isn’t the only electric mouse Pokémon to get the spotlight here.


Charmander’s evolved form makes a couple of appearances, looking particularly angry.

These guys show up and look like actual ninjas, running and jumping around both outside and in a building.


A forgotten gem in my opinion, Braviary’s first evolution makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo.

Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime is an actual Mime – and makes effective use of Light Screen. Check out his shoulders!

We should probably also mention that there are a couple of Pokémon flying in the opening scene of the trailer, but they’re a little too far away to properly make out.