This year marks the 21st birthday of Cameron Crowe’s brilliant rock coming of age tale Almost Famous, and it’s set to hit 4K Ultra HD.

Well, it’s set to hit 4K overseas, as we’ve currently had no confirmation of an Australian release.

It’s a desirable sounding package, too, with both cuts of the movie and a pile of extras, including some new ones.

Those newies include ‘Filmmaker Focus—Cameron Crowe on Almost Famous‘, ‘Casting & Costumes’, ‘Rock School’, extended scenes and ‘Odds & Sods’. That last one is around nine minutes of moments that aren’t included in any released version of the film.

Crowe has overseen the 4K remastering, stating: “We’re thrilled to finally preserve both versions of the film, along with a collection of rare new bonus features, on these beautiful new 4K and Blu-ray releases as part of Paramount Presents. Long live physical media!” Speaking as collectors, amen!

Here’s a picture of the US release, which will come as a steelbook:

Almost Famous

Meanwhile, we’re going to sing Elton’s Tiny Dancer at the top of our lungs until an Australian 4K release of Almost Famous is announced… “HOLD ME CLOSER, TINY DANCER, COUNT THE HEADLIGHTS ON THE HIGHWAY…”

Almost Famous on DVD at JB Hi-Fi.