The security around Marvel movies is becoming legendary, so we’re guessing that Disney gave the green light for Annette Bening to divulge info on her Captain Marvel character.

Either that or she smuggled the clip out and is in for some very big bottom smacks from a bunch of lawyers.

Bening appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and among other things revealed that her character is the Supreme Intelligence. As you may suspect due to the paragraph before this one, there’s also a clip from the movie.

For those who aren’t up with all of their Marvel lore, the Supreme Intelligence is a godlike entity that leads the Kree people, which debuted in the comics way back in 1967. If we’re right about this, it’s kind of the Kree equivalent of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘s Deep Thought – but more peopley and less computery.

Anyway, here’s the interview. If you want to skip over the lovely Ms Bening and jump straight to the movie clip, the magic number is 3:42 (speaking of Hitchhiker’s…)

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