As movie comedies have mostly taken a turn for the more coarse recently, it’s heartening when we see trailers for more traditional romantic comedies. The Clapper looks like it may fit the bill.

It stars Ed Helms as Eddie Krumble, who appears to eke out a small living appearing as a clapper in the audiences of infomercial tapings. But when a tonight show host notices him and brings him a whole lot of 15 minutes of fame, it really messes with his simple but happy life.

The cast also features Amanda Seyfried, Tracy Morgan, Brenda Vaccaro, Leah Remini, Adam Levine and Alan Thicke as Alan Thicke (in his last onscreen role). Considering the subject matter, an appearance by Vince Offer – aka the ShamWow guy – comes as no great surprise.

So, we reckon it looks like fun. How about you? Call now on 555-5555 and let us know! But wait, there’s more! You also get this neat-o movie trailer…

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