Start saving up those 20 cent pieces (whoa, that makes us feel old), because smash ’80s arcade shmup Galaga is to be turned into an animated TV series.

Isn’t it incredible how they can take something as simple as a spaceship pew-pewing at alien space bugs and turn it into a 12-part series, presumably with some sort of story in there somewhere?

Still, the planned series – entitled Galaga Chronicles – has some muscle behind it, specifically writer/producer Roberto Orci. If the name sounds familiar then it’s likely because he’s been involved with everything from TV series’ Fringe and Sleepy Hollow through to big movie things like the Now You See Me movies and several big screen Star Trek outings.

As for the actual animation part of the equation, that’s down to Emmy-winning studio ShadowMachine (BoJack Horseman), together with digital studio The Nuttery Entertainment.

Apparently no network has taken on the series as yet, according to Deadline, but it’s hoped that Galaga Chronicles will be completed and on air sometime in 2019/2020.

Have we given you the bug to play Galaga again? Don’t tell your boss about this…

(On a computer, use the left and right cursor keys to move, and they ‘S’ key to shoot.)

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