We’ve tracked down Aussie release details for the super-exciting upcoming 4K Ultra HD box set release of the Back to the Future trilogy.

The best news? This one’s coming to Australia on October 28, just a week after the US get it – and a week after Back to the Future Day.

What most will want to hear is that all three movies will come to us in native 4K, featuring options of standard HDR, HDR10+ and Dolby Viison, and audio will be delivered via new Dolby Atmos mixes. It’s about now that we wish we had a De Lorean time machine to jump forward a few months…

A raft of previously released extras will be included in the set, along with a bonus standard Blu-ray featuring unreleased extra bits and bobs. These will include audition footage from Ben Stiller, Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Cryer, Billy Zane, Peter DeLuise and C. Thomas Howell; a featurette on props and memorabilia; a look at the new Back to the Future music show, and an episode of YouTube series Could You Survive the Movies.

While there will be several special editions, ranging from steelbooks to sets with packed-in hoverboards, in the USA, we can confirm that the Asutralian release will be as pictured above.

While we wait (impatiently!), here’s a fun Back to the Future curio:

Back to the Future at JB Hi-Fi.