No, she isn’t coming home to chuck another “shrimp” on an outdoor hotplate, rather she just may be playing Barbie in a movie.

Far from the straight-to-video cartoon stuff where Barbie does everything from the Nutcracker to getting her princess on, if the deal goes through it will see the very real life Robbie doing, well, something as Mattel’s famous doll with the impossible proportions.

Still, at least Barbs has branched out from mostly being a subservient bimbo to become a chick of action more recently, as our Game Developer Barbie kind of attests.

Anyway, a Barbie movie was apparently in development for years at Sony, according to THR, and now things seem to be progressing – but with a different studio, Warner Bros, after the rights expired. The Barbie movie was originally set to star Amy Schumer, then Anne Hathaway’s name was linked. Now it’s Robbie’s turn – we sure hope she likes pink.

If the casting rumour isn’t intriguing enough, it’s believed that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins may be interested in directing proceedings.

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