As Marvel continue to deliver hit after hit in the movie department, DC haven’t quite been faring as well. Now comes word of their secret weapon to milk superhero audiences worldwide – Batcow.

When we’ve thought about who could be plucked from the DC universe for new superhero adventures, we must admit that Batman’s bulky bovine buddy with a star on his butt certainly didn’t enter discussions. However, DC Films president Walter Hamada has a beef with any doubters, believing that Batcow is worth betting the DC farm on.

“With the incredibly welcome box office success of Wonder Woman last year, and our competitor doing so well with a talking tree, we’ve realised that audiences demand more diversity in their superhero movies,” said Hamada in a press release. “As such, we’ve listened and we believe that it behooves us to unleash the greatest superhero movie – or moo-vie, if you will – yet. Batcow!

Batcow is set to be an origin story of the mind-controlling ruminant – yes, she really is a superhero – from paddock to slaughterhouse, to finding a home in the Batcave and beyond to her many great Bat-adventures.


Casting is udderway, with a search to find just the right bovine beauty in full swing, while DC are apparently talking with Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm about taking over the role of the Caped Crusader.

Animal rights organisation PETA has applauded DC’s bold move, hoping that Batcow paves the way for more quadruped-led superheroic movie exploits in the future.

With Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2 all heading our way from the DC stable this year or next, Batcow has been put on the menu for an early 2020 release. Put it in your dairy!

Moo-curious? Here’s a little more about the origins of Batcow…

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