One of the funniest, most anarchic cartoons ever didn’t involve yellow people or construction paper fourth graders. It was Animaniacs, and new episodes are on their way.

Don’t go Wakko and hold your breath waiting for them though, as they’re not due until 2020. It takes a while to make this stuff, don’t you know?

In case you missed it originally, Animaniacs brought us the wild adventures of Yakko, Wakko and Dot, who had been locked away in the Warner Bros (and sister!) water tank until managing to find an avenue of escape. Bad news for Hollywood, but good news for those who appreciate ace animation!

With executive producer Steven Spielberg back on board, along with many of the other people originally responsible for the cartoon, we have high hopes for the return of the three wild siblings. Plus, they’re bringing Pinky and the Brain – and their wild plots for world domination – along with them for an initial run of two new seasons. Yay!

Hopefully they’ll continue to use classic animation techniques, rather than going the slick, computerised modern way.

Anyway, here’s one of our favourites from the original Animaniacs to tide you over for the next two years. Or at least the next few minutes…

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