In 2008, many years before he took on The King, Baz Luhrmann made a movie called Australia. He’s now planning to embiggen it into a limited series.

What’s possibly most interesting about this revelation is that there’ll be no more filming done.

It seems that Baz shot an awful lot of footage for Australia, and much of what wasn’t used will from the basis of the six-episode series Faraway Downs. While following the main story of Australia, the series will apparently deliver a new ending, one of three alternatives that were originally filmed. There’ll also be a new soundtrack.

If you missed the original, it was set in northern Australia at the commencement of WWII. Nicole Kidman played an English aristocrat who inherited a huge cattle station, and joined forces with a rugged Hugh Jackman to protect that land from greedy cattle barons. Meanwhile, the Japanese were coming to bomb Darwin…

Luhrmann had this to say about the forthcoming retelling: “I originally set out to take the notion of the sweeping, Gone with the Wind-style epic and turn it on its head — a way of using romance and epic drama to shine a light on the roles of First Nations people and the painful scar in Australian history of the ‘Stolen Generations.’ While Australia the film has its own life, there was another telling of this story; one with different layers, nuances and even alternative plot twists that an episodic format has allowed us to explore. Drawn from the same material, Faraway Downs is a new variation on Australia for audiences to discover.”

While no release date has been announced, Faraway Downs is believed to be heading our way this coming summer.

Here’s a reminder of the movie:

Australia at JB Hi-Fi.