This is the premise of a new project from Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis, and for many a world without The Beatles would be a disturbing proposition.

The Trainspotting director/Love Actually writer pairing hooked up a while back to come up with what is currently known as Untitled Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis Project. Except that the musical comedy just may be called All You Need Is Love, according to British paper The Daily Mail. Definitely a snappier title…

Reportedly set around the early 1970s, the idea involves a man waking up one day and being the only person in the world who can remember that The Beatles – and all those wonderful tunes – ever existed. If we were him we’d be grabbing a guitar and pumping out all those hits real quick – hello mansion and all the gold we could eat!

Currently believed to star Lily James, comedy goddess Kate McKinnon and Eastenders‘ Himesh Patel, reports indicate that Ed Sheeran will also be involved, both in a cameo and musical assistance capacity.

With Boyle’s grit and Curtis’ obvious love of the Beatles-era music (if you haven’t seen his The Boat That Rocked then we highly recommend it) this could be something that we’ve got to get into our lives.

A world without The Beatles. Imagine trying to nail down which song you’d miss the most?

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