As the Marvel flicks keep coming thick and fast, we have another female-led adventure in Captain Marvel to look forward to. It now looks like it will see us booing Ben Mendelsohn, too.

Mendelsohn has been talking with the movie’s directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck in regards to being the movie’s big bad – likely a leader of the nefarious Skrulls – according to Variety. Apparently the directorial pair had Australia’s very own (hey, when you see a parochial chance, take it) Ben in mind for the role when plotting out the film’s story. It wouldn’t be his first recent villain role, of course, after recently oozing vileness in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as Empire boss baddie Orson Krennic (pictured above). He’s also donning the Sheriff of Nottingham’s robes for the forthcoming Robin Hood.

Boo! (Just practicing…)

As for the movie, which is set before all of those X-Men shenanigans, this Captain Marvel is she of the Carol Danvers variety. At very quick count she’s the seventh different character to take on the superheroic mantle. The superhero formerly known as Ms Marvel will be portrayed by Brie Larson, while Samuel L. Jackson is ready to rock once again as Nick Fury.

Captain Marvel is currenty slated for a March, 2019 cinematic release. Here’s a quick primer on the character…

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