With a fourth season of ace technofear series Black Mirror having brewed in the furtively fertile mind of Mr Charlie Brooker and gushed forth into scripts, we now have a hint at one of the upcoming storylines.

Or do we? After all, Black Mirror is all about curveballs – and, naturally, we’re not talking the baseball kind. The photo above indicates that something’s going to be going on in one episode that has a Star Trek-like vibe.

The episode, entitled USS Callister, stars Jesse Plemons as some sort of captain-like dude, alongside the likes of Michaela Coel, Cristin Milioti and Jimmi Simpson.

The other five episodes this time around are variously titled Crocodile, Arkangel (directed by Jodie Foster), Metalhead, Black Museum and, obviously referencing The Smiths‘ classic Panic, Hang the DJ.

Black Mirror‘s fourth season is coming when it’s darned well good and ready, but you can catch up with the brilliant first two series at JB Hi-Fi now.

Meanwhile, for a little more insight into Black Mirror and Charlie Brooker’s world view, this BBC interview with the bloke is a great watch. Oh, and in case you’re thinking it, yes, he looks a lot like Elbow’s Guy Garvey…