Space Invaders, the video game that swallowed countless 20 cent pieces at the beginning of the arcade boom back in the late 1970s, is set to be turned into a movie.

We thought that the idea had been shelved, but news comes that a writer is now attached to make something coherent story-wise of a game where invaders from space (duh!) “BOMP!  BOMP! BOMP!” their way left and right, gradually encroaching upon a lone Earthican’s puny turret of shooty-shooty defence.

Hey, they managed to make a movie out of Rampage – in which three embiggened creatures smash buildings and that’s about it – so we guess anything’s possible.

According to Deadline, the person tasked with penning this is Greg Russo, and he’s already had a hand in other game-based flicks. As well as the upcoming new Mortal Kombat movie, he’s also the writer behind the upcoming new cinematic take on Resident Evil. He’s also working on a script for Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray’s planned Saints Row outing. Now that’s one with all manner of possibilities.

Meanwhile, here’s something to be proud of. The song Space Invaders, by two studio bods calling themselves Player One, was an Aussie creation – and the seventh highest selling single in the country back in 1980! Sure, it was a novelty hit, but it was actually influential in the birth of house music after its bassline was sampled for the first record in the genre from Chicago, On & On by Jesse Saunders.

Play Player One’s Space Invaders at JB Hi-Fi.