Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 Borat movie certainly raised some eyebrows, and left us with enduring visions of a rather hairy man in a fluorescent green mankini.

Its full title was Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, which was quite a mouthful. Now a new Borat movie is on its way, and its title is even more of a mouth mangler: Borat: Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan.

Little else is known about the film currently, although it’s believed that Borat had to film much of the movie in disguise – so Sacha Baron Cohen disguised as Borat disguised as… – and that it looks into the relationship between US President Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. We’re guessing that there may be something to do with Mike Pence and a dirty monkey in there somewhere, too.

We reckon Borat is needed more than ever to help us make even less sense out of recent politics and the state of the world in general. Hopefully we’ll have details of a release date soon.

While we wait, here’s a reminder of Borat’s first movie outing:

Borat at JB Hi-Fi.