Breaking Bad is one of those rare TV shows that people label “must-see” and it actually is. Now it’s to receive a movie follow-up.

As most will know, it was the tale of a high school science teacher who, diagnosed with terminal cancer, decided to go into the meth amphetamine business in order to set up his family for life. As you do…

We have to tippy-toe around spoilers here out of respect for those who’ve yet to see the show, so we’ll just say that the plan for the movie – likely heading straight to TV – is to follow Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman and his exploits following those when we last saw him in the TV series.

Is that suitably vague enough?

Series creator Vince Gilligan is writing the script for the movie – currently codenamed Greenbriar – as well as executive producing, plus he’s most likely directing.

Obviously we could delve further into hypotheticals and suchlike but, again, spoilers.

Meanwhile, if you loved Breaking Bad and haven’t checked out prequel series Better Call Saul yet, please do. Some of us think it’s even better than BB.

Here’s a trip back to the first episode of Breaking Bad:

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