Chris Evans appears to have said goodbye to playing Captain America, after wrapping filming for what’s currently simply known as Avengers 4.

He sent the following message spinning into the Twittersphere…

While he doesn’t come right out and say that this is his last outing as Steve Rogers, many are taking it as meaning as much.

Evans is contracted until 2019 to play the good Captain, but with nothing else announced – and the man’s previous admission that he’d be hanging up the shield come 2019 – it looks like it’s time for bye-bye mister American guy.

Avengers 4, complete with a proper name, is currently expected to release in Australian cinemas on May 2, 2019.

In other Chris Evans news, according to Deadline he’s set to join Daniel Craig in Rian Johnson’s upcoming, Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery Knives Out.

Meanwhile, here’s Chris talking angry eyebrow acting…

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