Charlie Hunnam steps into Steve McQueen’s shoes, while Rami Malek takes on Dustin Hoffman’s role in this remake of the dramatic 1973 great escape adventure Papillon.

Hunnam is Henri ‘Papillon’ Charrière, a safe cracker who’s been jailed for murder – a crime of which he’s adamant that he did not commit. Meanwhile, Rami Malek is another prison inmate, Louis Dega (not to be confused with Mambo No. 5‘s Lou Bega, of course), who just so happens to be a rather rich counterfeiter. Dega hires Charrière for protection, agreeing to finance an attempt to escape from the brutal prison island that they find themselves sharing, and the two soon become good friends

Like the 1973 hit of the same name, this Papillon has been adapted from Henri Charrière’s 1970 autobiography, but it’s been given a contemporary makeover.

We’re currently awaiting an Australian release date.

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