As most every classic horror franchise seems to get its time in the reboot spotlight, it’s no surprise that Child’s Play – featuring Chucky – is the latest to be in for the treatment.

Yes, the the seven-movie horror movie series that launched back in 1988 and had us terrified of dolls is set to make a return, and Chucky is getting a makeover in the process.

According to Collider, the producers behind It are responsible, with production set to commence this September.

They go on to reveal that this will be a modern-day reboot featuring “a group of kids and a technologically-advanced doll that enters their world.” Eep! Imagine what our “friend ’til the end” could be capable of with today’s tech jammed inside him? “OK Chucky, is it going to rain today?” “There’s a good chance of rain today and GIVE ME THE BOY!!!”

If all of this isn’t scary enough, Child’s Play creator Don Mancini recently tweeted about a forthcoming Chucky TV series, so we can look forward to plenty of future creepy doll scares.

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