Barbie is looking pretty good at the age of 63, but then again she is plastic. We were taken by surprise, with an equal measure of joy, when the news was first broken of Greta Gerwig directing the first live-action adaptation of the popular children’s toy line.

The film’s development began eight years ago and some contenders for the titular role included Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway, before Margot Robbie was confirmed to star. Throughout development the project has also sifted through an assortment of directors, such as Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) and Alethea Jones (Queen America), and has since added a stable of players to the cast, including Ryan Gosling as Ken, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, Michael Cera and, most recently, Will Ferrell.

Social media has lit up with Warner Brothers teasing their first look at Robbie as the beloved fashion doll, sporting a super-cute polka dot headband while sitting in her iconic pink convertible.

So, while we’ve got you in the mood, here are five fun facts about Barbie that you may not know, or (more likely) never cared enough to find out.

1: Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

2: The original Barbie was released in 1959, and was available as blonde and brunette.

3: Malibu Barbie (released in 1971) was the first Barbie to smile.

4: Barbie’s friend, Christie, (released in 1969) was the first African-American in the Barbie toy line.

5: Barbie has had over 200 careers, with odd jobs including paratrooper, chicken farmer and cat burglar.

The plot for the live-action movie remains a guarded secret, and with Will Ferrell’s character being the only one with a description of any kind – the CEO of a toy company – then we can only guess that the story may be self-referential and possibly meta, and with a really awesome cast on board it’s sure to be an absolute hoot.

Warner Brothers currently have Barbie slated for a July 2023 release.