The video game series Duke Nukem is renowned for many reasons, from being hot when it first hit, to being not when Duke Nukem Forever eventually limped out some 15 years late.

Revolving around a smart-mouthed beefcake soldier dude who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Ash Williams quips, it upped the humour while the titular character trundled about blowing away most anything that moved.

It was a hoot, despite bearing all the depth of a contact lens, so it’s probably a surprise that it hasn’t been snapped up by Hollywood for the Big Dumb Action Flick treatment – until now.

Yes, Duke Nukem – The Movie (our unimaginative title) appears to be a thing, and Variety reports that talks are happening with former WWE beefcake John Cena to star as the big guy. It will likely come as no surprise that it involves Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, who gave us – amongst other things – The Purge and its sequels.

Here’s the trailer for the game Duke Nukem Forever, to give you a LANGUAGE WARNING-infused taste of Duke. See you in Hell…

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