A set of five new Avengers: Infinity War posters bring the characters – and the colour. There’s good reason for both.

Firstly, the characters are in the movie – that’s the “Well duh!” one. But the colours? They match five of the six Infinity Stones.

But what of the sixth? The Soul Stone is at the heart of Avengers: Infinity War, as big baddie Thanos tries to nab it to complete his set in order to get all bendy with reality. Naturally the Avengers and friends are out to stop this – and we hope that they do, of course, as our butts are in this too. Well, they would be if it was actually real.

The posters highlight Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Scarlet Witch (on the yellow one – opportunity missed) and Captain America. But why write about them when we can show them to you? Here they are…

Avengers: Infinity War hits Aussie cinemas on April 25.

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