The new, kind of unofficial take on Child’s Play is creeping closer, and we now have a first-look teaser for it.

Separate from the ongoing “Chucky-verse” of writer/director Don Mancini, this one comes from the original’s rights owners, MGM.

Rather than the doll star becoming possessed by evil, this one goes all 21st century, with the doll doing the AI gone bad thing.

Aubrey Plaza (TV’s Parks and Recreation) stars as a mother who gives one of these dolls to her son, Andy. She should have known that this was a bad idea, as the kid (Gabriel Bateman) has already featured in such horror flicks as Lights Out and Annabelle (some may also add Benji to that list). Luckily Brian Tyree Henry (TV’s Atlanta) is on-hand as a detective who’ll hopefully have a way with psychotic dolls.

Child’s Play is currently expected to hit cinemas in June.

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