Fans of terrorist thwarter Jack Bauer will either be rapt or go “nucular” upon hearing news that two new 24 spin-offs are in the works.

Bink! Bink! BinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBinkBink!

Sorry, but we just had to have the sound effects, damn it!

Anyway, the first new 24 will be a prequel series, taking us back to when Jack was an up-an-coming CTU agent and letting us in on what made Bauer tick the way that he does. Obviously they’ll have to find a young actor to step into Kiefer Sutherland’s shoes – which may even still be rather sweaty.

The second new 24 in the offing is a legal drama. The plan – that’s apparently been kicking around since early in the original series’ life – is to use the real time, ticking clock thing in a different scenario where every second counts.

Fox bigwig Gary Newman (hmm, we wonder if he likes cars?) elaborated on the idea during the current Television Critics Association tour in the US.

“The idea of moving that franchise from terrorism and security into the legal world is actually something we talked about probably as far back as season three or four when there would be discussions of spin-offs,” said Newman. “You have to look for an arena where the stakes are high and time matters – that deals with an execution of a prisoner and there’s just 24 hours left when the execution is supposed to take place. It potentially carries a lot of the same values you would have in the old 24. There are real emotional stakes involved.”

Of course, Fox have tried reviving 24 fairly recently with 24: Legacy, and it stiffed its proverbial off. They may be underestimating what Sutherland brought to the role – could it be a case of no Kiefer, no 24?

Here’s some classic Jack Bauer action – with possible spoilers if you haven’t previously had the pleasure.

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