Well, it feels like something old is getting a boot up its bottom into the 21st century most every day now, as following yesterday’s Fantasy Island news we get ALF today. Ha!

Yes, the brown alien lifeform (hence the acronymic name) with a smart mouth and a penchant for dining upon cats has been selected as the latest recipient of the reboot/relaunch/re-whatever treatment, at least according to TV Line.

When last we saw ALF he’d been found by government types and was presumably taken to Area 51 (we’re completely ignoring the following telemovie that featured no other original cast members because, well, it was utter cack). So, there’s an opening to just have him emerge from captivity some 30 years later (assuming aliens can get parole from that place) into a world that’s a whole lot different than that of the late 1980s.

We guess it’s one of the more potentially rich mines as far as TV reboots go, but then American Dad! has pretty much covered the alien in the closet thing rather thoroughly since ALF was locked away.

For those who may have missed the pop cultural phenomenon, here’s a look at the original ALF