Dan Aykroyd obviously isn’t one to spend his time just sitting around and chilling out, as he’s brimming with plans of how to unleash further Ghostbusters chaos upon the world.

One of the more interesting ideas that he has is for Ghostbusters High, a title that has nothing to do with his line of vodka products…

Instead, it’s intended to be a prequel, with teenaged Spengler, Stantz and Venkman meeting in 1969 in New Jersey. He’s already pitched it to the new keeper of the Ghostbusters, Jason Reitman.

As Aykroyd told Canada’s City News, “We’re looking to do that as probably a glorified feature or pilot within the next maybe five years… And it would lead to a television project.”

He also spoke of keeping costs down on the in-production Reitman flick, after the budget blow out with Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. One way might be to go old school with the effects.

“I’m always urging to use puppets,” Aykroyd said. “I’m always urging to go back to the mechanicals. CGI is so efficient and easy to use, but I think that all of us are on board with the idea of maybe doing mechanicals and puppets where we can.”

The currently untitled movie already has actors Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard on board, and is tentatively scheduled for a 2020 release.

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