Upcoming action flick Guns Akimbo sees Daniel Radcliffe with guns attached to his hands, Bayonetta style, as he struggles for his life – and to put his pants on.

It’s from the mind of Jason Lei Howden, who previously gave us Deathgasm.

In what looks a little like a cross between Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Crank, Radcliffe stars as Miles, a “nerdy video game developer” who enjoys internet trolling. When he annoys the wrong people though – Skizm, a mob who organise illegal death matches (as distinct from the legal kind) – he’s drawn into their world, which, among other things, involves the bolting of guns to hands

Guns Akimbo, also starring Samara Weaving, Rhys Darby and Ned Dennehy, is set to hit Aussie cinemas from March 5.

Here’s the new trailer, for which we probably should type the following words: LANGUAGE WARNING.