The 25th outing for James Bond – and fifth for Daniel Craig as the dapper super-spy – has found a director in Danny Boyle.

The big 007 news was confirmed by the man himself in an interview with Metro. Boyle also mentioned that filming is expected to start towards the end of the year, with a script that he’s been beating into shape with long-standing collaborator John Hodge, with whom he also crafted the likes of Shallow Grave and Trainspotting.

“We’ve got an idea – John Hodge, the screenwriter, and I have got this idea – and John is writing it at the moment,” said Boyle. “It all depends on how it turns out. It would be foolish of me to give any of it away.”

Meanwhile, the yet-to-be-officially-titled 25th outing for Bond will see Daniel Craig jump to third on the all-time most official 007 appearances chart. Original Bond Sean Connery did six, while Roger Moore holds the record with seven. Before we cop any abuse, some may argue that Connery did seven, with the non-canon Never Say Never Again of 1983. Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan did four, Timothy Dalton two and George Lazenby one (but it was a really good one).

Despite not really existing in any form as yet, the 25th Bond is currently set for a November 8, 2019 release.

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