That’s no clickbait-oozing headline, for yes, highly regarded method actor Daniel Day-Lewis has decided to give up acting.

The 60-year-old star hasn’t given a reason, reports Variety, with his spokeswoman confirming the news. She claims that it’s “a private decision and neither he nor his representatives will make further comment on the subject.”

So, we have one more movie left to look forward to from the bloke who many believe is one of the greatest actors of his generation. It’s his first since 2012’s Lincoln, too. Entitled Phantom Thread, it’s set in the 1950s London rag trade and is due for release around Christmas. It’s been written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who also gave us There Will Be Blood, for which Day-Lewis nabbed one of his three ‘Best Actor’ Academy Awards.

The other two were the aforementioned Lincoln, and 1989’s My Left Foot. That was no mean feat, as no other actor has three ‘Best Actor’ Oscars. To think he was also nominated for 1993’s In the Name of the Father and 2002’s Gangs of New York

We guess this leaves Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto with one less competitor in the method acting set.

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