It takes a lot – a real lot – to upstage Deadpool, yet rising star of Deadpool 2, Peter, has managed it. He’s now taken to Twitter to introduce us to his X-Force pals.

Despite an exposition blitz, some details of the who and what and why now of X-Force were up in the air, but we now have a clearer picture. All thanks to our favourite new apiarist, Peter.

Hmm. Subtle product placement there, Pete…

Zazie Beetz as Domino.

President Camach- erm, Terry Crews as Bedlam.

Lewis Tan is Shatterstar.

Now we know who creepy clown guy Bill Skarsgård is playing – Zeitgeist!

Well hiya Pete!

Worst. Framing. Ever.

Deadpool 2 – starring Peter – hits Australian cinemas on May 16.

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