Late last week “Untitled Deadpool Movie” popped up on Fox’s pre-Christmas schedule. To what might they be referring? Ryan Reynolds may have given it away with a photo that he’s tweeted (above).

For those who haven’t experienced the sheer joy of The Princess Bride, this is a recreation of scenes intercut through that movie, where a young Fred Savage was told the story by his grandfather, Peter Falk.

Now it looks like a grown-up Fred Savage will be regaled of Deadpool’s superheroic adventures by none other than the red-clad dude himself. The tweet simply says, “Thoughts?”

This doesn’t make a lot of sense until you factor in apparent plans, according to Deadline, for this Untitled Deadpool Movie to be a PG-rated cut of Deadpool 2. Which, without added content, could make for a very short movie.

Now our imaginations are running riot with visions of what could be. Imagine if they delve further into The Princess Bride and have Deadpool clashing swords with Mandy Patinkin – or involving Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) somehow? What if such a collision involved their Homeland and House of Cards roles? The thing could explode in a boomtastic frenzy of meta!

We’d better watch out, if we become too carried away with imaginings we may have to get used to disappointment…

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