If you’ve been concerned about whether we’d get a third movie outing from Deadpool following Disney’s takeover of Fox, it seems that you can now rest easy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe supremo Kevin Feige dropped the good news that there will be a third Deadpool flick in an interview with Collider.

Here’s what he had to say: “It will be rated R and we are working on a script right now, and Ryan’s overseeing a script right now… It will not be [filming] this year. Ryan is a very busy, very successful actor. We’ve got a number of things we’ve already announced that we now have to make, but it’s exciting for it to have begun. Again, a very different type of character in the MCU, and Ryan is a force of nature, which is just awesome to see him bring that character to life.”

So, it’ll be a way off, but it will come. As to how the merc with a mouth will be shoehorned into the generally more serious sensibilities of the whole MCU is anybody’s guess, but we’re pretty certain that he’ll do it in style.

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