Actors can be a fickle bunch, always demanding things and chucking tanties – but what if robots could take their places?

All those divas may be about to be put on warning, as Deadline reports that American History X director Tony Kaye – who famously battled with that movie’s star Edward Norton on set and in the press – is set to use an AI actor as the lead in his next movie, entitled 2nd Born. He even hopes that the humanoid will be given SAG recognition!

Not only will actors likely have their very valuable (and often expensive) noses out of joint over this, the effects industry may not be particularly jazzed either, as they’ll miss out on a valuable gig.

It isn’t April 1, so there’s likely some factual basis to this, although perhaps it’s just a headline-grabbing way to promote the movie 1st Born, which is due for release soon and stars the likes of Val Kilmer, Denise Richards, Tom Berenger, Greg Grunberg, William Baldwin and Robert Knepper? But then that movie has nothing to do with Kaye – what the…?

We await the protest hashtag with interest.