With recent news that Disney is keenly interested in swallowing up 20th/21st Century Fox, what good – and bad – things could this bring?

In another alarmingly prescient gag (see Donald Trump as President of the USA in another), The Simpsons foretold this eventuation way back in the 1998 Season 10 episode When You Dish Upon a Star

Simpsons Disney Fox

Should this acquisition go through – and word from CNBC is that wheels are rapidly moving forward on the deal so that it could be done by next week – Disney would own The Simpsons. Would the show’s level of irreverence be able to continue without interference from the more puritan Mouse House?

Disney would also acquire the rights to those Marvel franchises that Fox currently have – Deadpool and the X-Men, most notably. This could bring the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe together at last. That wouldn’t be bad, would it?

Probably the biggest issue with Disney buying Fox’s vast movie and TV history would be the monopolistic side of things. Having already absorbed Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel and many smaller studios should one studio be able to wield such power?

It’s certainly an intriguing situation, which we’ll continue watching with interest. Stay tuned for updates.