District 9 creator Neill Blomkamp started Oats Studios earlier this year, aiming to release short films online to gauge their viability for expansion into feature films. The latest, Praetoria, has just dropped.

At some two minutes and 37 seconds it definitely meets the “short” criteria, showing some sort of robo-knight with voices in his head. To be honest we came out the other side of it wondering, “What was that all about?”

Which, of course, may be the intention.

Praetoria is being billed as a huge galactic story by Oats Studios. With this snippet they claim to be testing the water.

Meanwhile, another project from Oats – Bad President! – has apparently been shelved, according to Blomkamp, due to real world events kind of eclipsing its subject matter. Mind you, they did recently release this trailer, which has echoes of the greatest documentary ever made, Idiocracy, as well as ace fun video game series Saints Row. We do really dig that pimped-out A380.

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