As if conquering all the world’s music charts wasn’t enough, Ed Sheeran turned his sights on Game of Thrones yesterday. Now it’s time for phase three.

Having already obviously sussed the Underpants Gnomes’ second point (           ) and well and truly moving past number three (profit), what remains is pretty much the only un-Sheeraned ground to conquer. Yes, Ed’s doing The Simpsons.

The season 29 episode (take a moment to let that sink in) will be entitled ‘Haw-Haw Land’, according to EW. As you may have guessed, that’s a rip on La La Land.

Sheeran will be playing Brendan, a character based on Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian – except he’s a bit younger (as you would hope) and a lot more blood nut. He also reminds us a bit of Sideshow Luke Perry. Anyway, he becomes part of a smitten triangle (it would be a square, but everything isn’t coming up Milhouse in this one) with Lisa Simpson and Nelson Muntz, who has an attack of green eyes over this musical interloper and decides to show off his singing prowess. We can’t wait for that…