A first lengthy look at The LEGO Movie 2 has hit – and our favourite little plastic people have hit dark times. But hey, Emmet will fix it, erm, right?

Carrying out their threat of the last film, invaders from the planet Duplo are causing all sorts of havoc, and it’s up to Emmet to actually be the hero that he got all the credit for in the first movie (when it was Wyldstyle who actually did all the cool stuff).

The trailer also gives us a look at Chris Pratt’s new character Rex Dangervest, who is a bit of an in-joke for LEGO fans as his stubble-encrusted head has been used in many a LEGO adventure over the years.

We absolutely can’t wait for this one, but we’ll have to as it doesn’t release in Australian cinemas until March 21, 2019.