Cool Kickstarted ’80s VHS era love-fest Kung Fury is set to return in feature film guise, complete with Michael Fassbender on board.

As we fight the voice in our head that’s repeatedly screaming “Why?!”, we can’t say that our curiosity hasn’t been piqued. Plus, the Hoff – or David Hasselhoff if you’re pop culturally dead inside – will also reprise his role as the Hoff 9000. Or at least appear in it somewhere. You see, there’s not much information yet beyond the above.

We do know that the story will have no real connection to the short movie other than the titular character – so it likely won’t be a Nazi killing extravaganza –  and creator David Sanberg will reprise that role. So, maybe the Fass gets to be the big bad?

As much as the prospect of Fassbender – who’s played everybody from Marvel’s Magneto to Apple’s Steve Jobs – in a cheesy ’80s pastiche sounds a little strange, it should be remembered that this is the same bloke who starred in 2014’s wonderful but whacked-out Frank, which was based on British comedian Chris Sievey’s giant papiermâché head-wearing character Frank Sidebottom.

Anyway, while Kung Fury II: The Movie is coming, you can check out the original right here…

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